Smart Fitness Mirrors to Workout at Home

After we hit the pandemic, many people like to work out from their homes. Now, obviously, you can’t open a whole gym in your room. But now with these smart workout mirrors, you can work out in your home or enjoy Yoga, CrossFit anything you want.

What is a Smart Mirror

Having a smart workout mirror in your room is almost as same as having your own gym in your room. It comes with a digital screen from where you can see live classes or workout videos and follow along. Also it comes with workout equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, mats, roller etc which you can use for your workout.

Some fitness mirrors come equipped with a front camera, sensors, and accessories to help guide you through tailor-made workouts. These mirrors also have audio systems like Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music during a workout. So, if you’re interested to buy one you can check our list of the smart mirrors below.

Smart Mirror Guide

Most High TechTonal

Most AccessoriesTempo Studio

Best for Medium BudgetEchelon

Best Overall – Mirror



Product Description

1. Tonal comes with an entire gym setup for your home.

2. It comes pre-equipped with 200lbs of digital weight.

3. With the Tonal app, you can choose thousands of effective workouts tailored for your body from Tonal.

4. Thousands of Live and on-demand videos for your home workout to help you achieve your dream body.

5. You can also track your reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume to see gains over time.

Smart Features

Smart Handles – Six-axis gyroscopes track every rep and Bluetooth technology lets you turn the digital weight on and off wirelessly.

Smart Bar- You can perform your favorite bar-based exercises and turn weight on or off when you’re in position and ready to lift.

Rope- You can use this rope to add variety to your workout sess and also you can add digital weight to this rope.

Bench- Expand the number of movements in your workout with this custom bench that is optimized for comfort.

Roller- With this roller you can do dynamic stretches and active recovery moves for a holistic fitness experience.

Mirror Dimension

This mirror is about 21.5″ x 51″ which is a pretty slick design for your home.


It has 15W Stereo speakers for you to listen to songs during your workout session.


It costs $2,995 for the mirror + $495 for the smart accessories. Also, you have to pay $49/mo for the Tonal app membership which is required for the first month.


Tempo Studio

Product Description

1. It comes with a 42” HD Touchscreen and 10th Gen i5 Processor.

2. It comes pre-equipped with a 5mm Workout Mat, 2 x 7.5 lb Dumbbells, 4 x Collars, 75 lbs of Weight Plates.

3. It is compatible with ANT+ Heart Monitors, and also your  Apple Watch.

4. You can enjoy live classes and on-demand workout videos by buying a Tempo membership. There they have many expert trainers who will help you to achieve your goal.

Mirror Dimension

It is 22.5″ x 56″ and wall-mounted or freestanding, which is absolutely great to have in your room.


It has 60w stereo speakers; also Bluetooth enabled.


You can buy the Tempo Studio- starter package for only $1,995  and get the Tempo membership for $39/month.



Product Description

1. It comes with a 43” full HD 1080p display with 178° wide viewing angle so you and your workout partner never miss a thing.

2. 5-megapixel front-facing camera so you can see your friends during workouts,

3. It is pre-equipped with  2 MIRROR Fitness Band Packs, 2 Pairs of MIRROR weights, 2 lululemon  reversible Mats 5mm, 2 lululemon  mat straps, 2 lululemon Lift & Lengthen Yoga Blocks, 2 lululemon Workout Towels, 1 lululemon double foam roller mini

4. You can also buy ergonomically designed mirror weights when buying the Mirror.

Mirror Dimensions

It has a dimension of 22.5″ x 56″ which is pretty good for your room.


It comes with a 4 x 15W high-fidelity speaker system with 6 drivers including 2 woofers and an embedded omnidirectional microphone for the full studio effect.


You can Buy it for only $1,745 which is a pretty good deal for you.


Echelon reflect


Product Description

1. It has a full HD display and crystal-clear reflection that allows you to follow the instructor while also seeing your form.

2. Explore a 2000+ list of fitness classes to match your workouts with your mood and goals.

3. You can sync your Reflect app with apps like Apple Health, FitBit, and more to track your health goals.

4. You can mount it to the wall with the included bracket for a home gym space that leaves zero footprints.

Mirror Dimension

It has a dimension of 20″ x 40″ to save your space.


This workout mirror has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with 1M+ Song and Artist Options.


Get this Reflect smart mirror  for only $1,499. 


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