11 Must Have Designer Face Mask To Stay Safe & Stylish

With the continued spread of the novel coronavirus, clinical-grade surgical masks and N95 protective suits are in significantly higher demand. The CDC has, after all, released guidelines recommending that all clinical-grade shields and respirator materials be limited for front-line sick healthcare professionals and patients.

With some nations needing everyone out again to carry headscarves and some companies making them compulsory for admission or service, individuals are stooping to purchasing handmade masks and Etsy has now become a famous place to locate them.

It is worth remembering that product listed on Etsy, like masks and liquid soap, are not of medical quality, and that buyers of Etsy are unable to make claims for medicine or health. However, below is the list of recommended brands and stores for people interested in holding these cool and funky masks at home for personal use.

1. Express yourself by wearing a unique and embroidered cotton embellished fringe fancy Face mask, specially crafted with elastic loops and in ribbon tie fabric of various synthetic fibres. The artwork and style of the mask are designed in such a way it can be extended till chin, covering nose and mouth. 

Get this mask from Etsy.com available for $28.44

2. Design and add your customized face mask to the cart by selecting the funny humour beautiful woman hot lip cloth face mask. You are free to insert extra layers of filter protection by browsing creative designs and choosing the funkiest design for your face                      

Get this amazing mask from Zazzle.com available for $12.95

3. Try the Disco Ball face mask in sequin material with a double layer fit and non-medical use and purpose. The mask has comfortable straps and sparkling rose shade covered around the mouth.               

Get this creative mask from Revolve.com available for $27

4. Try out the new safety mask of upcycled deadstock fabrics available in unique and funky prints. The print has a blend of yellow and black lines, hence giving an imprint of leopard’s skin while looking funky enough to carry around with different attires.                           

Get this amazing mask from Helmstedt-online.com available for $25.88

5. Antimicrobial prevention face masks are the ideal collection for the anti-microbial coating and multi recycling fashion piece. Made with jersey cotton and rayon blend in several shades, this masks perfectly serves the purpose of safety and fun

Get this amazing mask from Buckmason.com  available for $20 

6. Cotton candy face masks are an amazing combination for your outfits due to the nature of its print, which has an ombre effect. The doubled layer cotton mask has an extra filtration added to make it look slightly more protective with elastic wraps and comfortable fit around the face.               

Get this amazing mask from Thisisgiovanna.com available for $30

7. The adult mask with filter pocket and nose wire is definitely a new and exclusive collection to your pre-existing bundle of face masks. The fabric is made of tribal ethnic, African print and inside pocket lining material with a solid colour shade. 

Get this amazing mask from Etsy.com available for $12.99

8. Kandi Gear original mask from rainbow wolf Kandi beads is an ultimate innovation to your collection as well as a perfect gift for your friend. It serves a multi-purpose use by providing protection and adding funky look to your whole outfit without displaying an odds or divided attention. 

Get this amazing mask from Amazon.com available for $20

9. CCbodily Halloween Kunoichi Masquerade mask for women is a perfect accessory for specific events and night parties like costume cosplay, nightclub, wedding reception and theatre production events. It is an adjustable mask with comfortable fit bringing more attention and focus. 

Get this amazing mask from Amazon.com available for $15.99

10. Native American beaded patterns and unisex M-shaped clip face outdoor reusable windproof cloth-based face cover is a yet another funky styled anti-dust face mask. It protectively fights against the allergies, smokes and pollution to keep you safe and clean. It comes in a friendly design with an adjustable band that can be affixed around the ears.

Get this amazing mask from Amazon.com  available for $14.06

11. Lace fabric face mask designed primarily for fancy and famous occasions is a formal mask in black and beaded lace with flowers and sequins black net. The mask is fabricated with two layers of premium black cotton fabric and the elastic loops to be slided around the ears.

Get this mask from Etsy.com available for $39

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