21 Best Gift Ideas For All Types Of Dads

It’s about time that we start thinking regarding our dad before we even get an opportunity to bite ourselves on the back for choosing the right Mother’s Day gift. We’ve listed the perfect gifts for all sorts of dads with Father’s Day fast approaching. If you’re a beer lover or an amateur golfer, the recreational sort or a planner dad, we’re sure you’re going to find something great for him here.

1. For the frequent-travelling dad:

The Vim and Vigr Stylish Compression Socks lines make these flux-boosting tight socks a bit more stylish-forward (always crucial on international journeys) without making too strange.

Get these amazing socks from Amazon.com available for $20 

Vimvigr.com available for $29

2. For the dad who loves road tripping: 

A Yati Rambler 30-ounce stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is a portable mug dear to fit in the sippy-holder of a vehicle, this tumbler should carry your dad’s espresso hot (or cold) for the long – run.

Get this tumbler from Amazon.com available for $35

Yeti.com available for $35

3. For the dad looking for upgrading sweats:

Give an update to his bootcut sweatpants with these Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Twill Jogger Pants and Soft stretch slim-fit trousers, with most of these slim-fit runners that are only suited to the daily coffee race.

Get these joggers from Amazon.com available for $20

4. For the workaholic Dad:

Such glasses from Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses will block out unhealthy blue light because he’s still staring at a computer that can trigger headaches and sleeping trouble — and they look cool, too.

Get these glasses from Amazon.com available for $19

5. For the retired Dad: 

This Instant Pot 6 Qt-7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker is an amazing addition to his kitchen. Dads searching for a favourite hobby will go straight into Instant Pot-cooking and discover how to stoke up anything from steamed veggies to freshly made Greek yoghurt.

Get this amazing Cooker from Amazon.com available for $79

6. For the chef-expert skills of dad:

This Priority Chef Knife sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives is an Amazon customers pick and can hold both smooth and twisted knives in terrifyingly fine condition.

Get this knives keeper from Amazon.com available for $16

7. For the dad who loves grilling:

This TNK Brand the Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ tools is an ultimate gift. Writer Steven John terms this “the barbecuing kit knife of the German military,” as it includes a rolling pin, grill fork, tweezers and more. There’s even an incorporated bottle opener for fathers who want to drink a beer while grilling.

Get this set from Amazon.com available for $20

8. For the dad who reads magazines on the patio:

One of his top picks is his Keter Outdoor Chair which is seasonal and weatherproof. 

Get this chair from Amazon.com available for $96

9. For the dad who’s stuck with seasonal allergies:

This Ponaris Nasal Emollient is an essential item. He should get a laugh out of this NASA-approved nasal emulsifier (and other significant decongestion advantages), which actually helped one Consultant user alleviate her swollen and uptight sinuses.

Get this emollient from Amazon.com available for $15

Ebay.com available for $15

10. For the dad who’s fond of garden games:

This Kubb Game premium Set is a fun loving gift. If he’s really a KanJam pro, expose him to this Swedish square-tossing game allegedly dating back to the Viking period.

Get this set of the game from Amazon.com available for $45

11. For a dad’s love of gardening: 

This ARS HP -130DX 7-inch Ideal Light Pruner is what your dad would love for gardens. He can admire this elegant pair of pruners, who are a preference of the glasshouse gardening board and chief orchid specialist at the royal botanical Garden.

Get this pruner from Amazon.com available for $30

Ebay.com available for $42

12. For the dad who looks forward to a green thumb:

This Costa Farms Snake Plant with 6.5 inches Wide Mid-Century Modern Planter is for those who love gardening. The unflashy snake vine, which is regarded as one of the better plants for newcomers, can improve his confidence. Oh, we find this one from Amazon to be one of the most stunning you can buy online and the sleek planter is a great touch.

Get this plant from Amazon.com available for $40

13. For the dad who’s fond of a baseball game:

This Edoneery Washed Twill Low Profile Baseball Cap Hat is an amazing souvenir from baseball countries. A “padre hat” in the colour of his family albeit without a badge looks like a little more grown-up and mature. 

Get this hat from Amazon.com available for $13

Ebay.com available for $10

14. For the dad who loves fermenting food:

A Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit is for the fermentation purposes. Give your dad this all-in-one package, whether he’s discussed trying to make his own kimchi or croutons, which will get him to ferment in no time.

Get this fermentation kit from Culturesforhealth.com available for $55

Amazon.com available for $50

15. For the very new Dad:                   

This iRobot Roomba 675Robot Vacuum is a must-have. Holding a healthy house for young fathers will quickly take a passenger seat for mealtimes and diaper adjustments. With this instant vacuum, dad will think like a hero — and adore that he can model it from the app.

Get this amazing vacuum from Amazon.com available for $269

Bestbuy.com available for $270

16. For the dad who wishes for some peace and silence: 

A Honeywell Laser Lites, 50-pack is for the dads who wish for some quietness. A 50-pack of earplugs suggested by several sleep specialists would definitely help him filter some of the sounds out. These are made from foam material, are especially effective at blocking noises from your surroundings, as per the aforementioned experts.

Get these lites from Amazon.com available for $7

17. For the dad who’s an insomniac: 

This Yogasleep Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine is for those dads who can’t sleep. This white-noise computer is a favoured Strategist. 

Get this machine from Amazon.com available for $45

Yogasleep.com available for $45

18. For the dad who has a back issue:

This Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat is for those dads with a bad back. This warm electronic massager, placed over his beloved chair, should relieve the pain in his arms and back.

Get this amazing back cushion from Amazon.com available for $90

Snailax.com available for $78

19. For the dad with Sore Feet:

This Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep Kneading is an important item for foot massages. If he’s still on his feet, when he actually gets an opportunity to sit down, he’ll love to get a good, warm foot massage.

Get this massager from Overstock.com available for $127

Ebay.com available for $119

20. For the dad who loves kicking back with a cold one: 

This Prince of Scots Professional Series Bartender Bottle Opener is for those who love the cold and chill openers. A bottle opener that is remarkably classy, elegant and does not yell frat guy is an amazing item for cool dads. 

Get this opener from Amazon.com available for $15

21. For the wine enthusiast dad:

The Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve is for those dads who love having wine. Good for sneaky beach drinking or at a field picnic.

Get this amazing wine sleeve from Saksfifthavenue.com available for $25

Amazon.com available for $25

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