8 Must Have Products You Need Post Lockdown To Protect from CoronaVirus

Some of you may be waiting desperately for the lockout to end. You may be hoping to meet your parents, head out for shopping or even pay a visit to the lounge nearby. Ok, it’s best to start taking the requisite steps because life instantly won’t go back to usual until the lockout is done. You would still have to be cautious and take proper care of your wellbeing, as there will still be the chance of developing COVID-19 infection.

Here are just a few items you shouldn’t do right after the lockdown ends:

1. The secret to successful cleaning is a finely made home cleaning kit. And if you’ve got just one product in your kit, make it the VEO PROBIOTIC ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER SPRAY

This multi-purpose cleaner spray works microscopically in the cracks of all of your surfaces for a strong hygienic clean. It keeps decomposing unseen dirt and grime especially in grooves, crevices and cracks for 3 days. . This contains a formula that is 99 % biodegradable. It is free of chlorine, phosphate, formaldehyde, and quads. It is made from plastic recycled 100 per cent after use.

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2. Update your safety pack against corona with personal protective equipment and an effective deterrent, like an ALL PURPOSE FACE SHIELD HAT embroidered with a bucket hat and clear face shield mask.

It is appropriate for all face sizes, is crystal clear, with space between the face and the defensive cover. It is a multi-purpose hat, i.e., anti-saliva, sun protection and anti-fog. It can protect the whole shield-shaped facial structure. And those wearing glasses can wear them with utmost comfort, too. It is a pack of 5 hats and each hat includes a shield.

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3. While most of us concentrate on keeping our hands safe and clean, our mobile phones are often ignored, making them the hotspots for bacteria. Protect them with the HO MEDICS UV CLEAN PHONE SANITIZER to keep away the dirt.

This sanitizer is faster than any UV sanitizer in the market. Keep your phones clean using proprietary pop-up technology and UV-C LED sanitizing? After the convenient use, it collapses smoothly to transport and kill up to 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria from your bag, wallet, suitcase and much more. It can sanitize and clean each side of your device with rechargeable LED’s which last for hundreds of uses in just 1 minute.

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4. You don’t let your loved ones drink the contaminated water, so don’t let them breathe the polluted air. keep your indoor clean and healthy with LEVOIT LV-H132 AIR PURIFIER

It has a 3-stage Advanced Filtration System. In addition to reducing 99 per cent of air pollutants, these filters capture allergens, animal hair, dirt, smoke, mould, stench and huge dust particles. It filters the air with the lowest noise possible for a comfortable and calming indoor atmosphere to help you sleep deeply. Remarkable size and modern design make the Levoit air purifier ideal for small to medium-sized spaces, such as offices and dormitories.

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5. Include the right nutrients in your meal to fight against your weak immune with the SUPER SLEEP GOLD MILK POWDER to get stronger bones and healthy immune system

Sip the way to an easier time sleeping, staying asleep and improving optimal digestion, joint health and much more. This super strength golden moon milk sleep mix is a healthy way to calm your body & mind so you fall asleep quicker, remain asleep longer and wake up feeling relaxed. They are made with no saturated fat or artificial ingredients. It is approved for keto, all of it safe, gluten-free and vegan.

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6. Who doesn’t want a short cut, especially when it comes to cleaning the house? These ALCOHOL WET WIPES are among the most practical and convenient ways to carry out most of your household and cleaning tasks.

These wet wipes are manufactured of extremely absorbent, non-woven cloth, body-friendly and safe to use materials. Baby appliances, beds, refrigerators, faucets, sinks, door handles, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, children’s surfaces, and cell phones can be cleaned with these. The wipes are available in different sizes and can also be used to clean large areas.

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7. We know that Coronavirus can sustain on surfaces and travel on hands, so why not use an extra layer of protection, like these DISPOSABLE VINYL GLOVES  to minimise the contact with the virus. 

These gloves are expertly manufactured to provide convenience and maximal protection. These are made with the perfectly elastic fit and beaded cuffs to provide a comfortable, safe fit for extended periods of time. Reversible and ambidextrous, these anti-allergic and anti-abrasion gloves are checked and approved for protection against exposure to opioids, and sturdy enough to safeguard against fluids and chemicals.

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8. Hand hygiene must be a habit. Who knows what your hands would have probably touched. Use the ALCOHOL INSTANT HAND SANITIZER to break germ cycle and keep your body healthy and clean.

It cleans and purifies your hands easily and efficiently without scratching or making your skin dry. This hand sanitizer gives the hands a smooth and new look. You can use it in the home, car, workplace, school or any other places you need to instantly clean your hands. It kills 99.99 % of several commonly detected germs and harmful bacteria in just 15 seconds to help you stay fit and healthy.

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