WANDRD – The Travel Journal Launched on KickStarter

The WANDRD Travel Journal is now on Kickstarter! A journal is an ultimate tool which is used to plan, enjoy and remember all your travel adventures. The Travel Journal will be treasured by any adventurer or traveler and will make a great gifting option too!

What’s in the WANDRD Journal?

The Journal includes planning, pre-trip checklists, itineraries, maps, travel logs, along with inspirations; thoughts and experts’ opinions and travel insights.
The Travel Journal was born from years of dedicated traveling, road trips, hostels staying, and globe-trotting. It is the culmination of the experiences of a traveler over the years where you face everything from sleeping on the floors, language barriers, missing flights, questionable flights…you name it, the Travel Journal has it.

Where it all began?

WANDRD was a project started by two brothers who wanted to travel with their own custom-made camera bags. The PRVKE Pack from them was on Kickstarter and raised over $5,00,000 and has now turned into a thriving company. They have now shipped their products to over 100 countries across the world. Owing to its success, they are now back on Kickstarter with the WANDRD Travel Journal.

What are the unique features of the WANDRD Travel Journal?

There’s nothing like physical space to store memories and thoughts. Hence they have said no to apps! Its only paper all the way. So no dead batteries, charging, millions of notifications etc.

  • The Journal Contains a World Map, to show the list of your greatest travel achievements so far.
  • Plenty of travel conversions – All travel conversions can be done easily with the help of this journal.
  • Universal Communication Symbols – When you need to get your point across in different cultures and can just point to a symbol.
  • Research Notes – Use them to start researching your trip from the beginning.
  • All reservations in one place – Be it flight, transportation, lodging, or activities, let of them be in one place.
  • A Pre-Trip Checklist – Make sure all those last-minute travel petty tasks are completed.
  • Travel Budget – Keep track of your travel budget to ensure you don’t spend lavishly
  • Packing List – make a list of all you need to pack, even insignificant items
  • Travelog – Write on your experiences, make drawings of places, attractions, and paste photos

Technical Specifications of the Journal

  • Soft Touch Cover
  • 230 Pages
  • Integrated Pen Slot
  • 5”*8”*7.5” dimensions

Back Their Project on Kickstarter

Back the Project

You can support this project on Kickstarter. You can make a pledge with or without a reward. When you pay the US $30 or more, you can choose from the WANDRD Travel Journal – Early Bird Offer and you get to choose from a yellow or Black Travel Journal once the campaign ends.
You can also make pledges of US $35, US $55, US $65, US $100, US $120. If the project isn’t funded successfully, no one pays anything.
WANDRD worked relentlessly during their earlier campaigns and were able to ship their wares on time! They are committed to doing the same this time! So go ahead, and invest in this life-changing WANDRD Travel Journal and cherish your memories.

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