Black Friday Sale on Electric Skateboards

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is the best time to buy the electric skateboard you been eyeing to have it for long. During the holiday sale stores give a maximum discount of up to 70%. We have listed some of the best discounts on best selling electric skateboards brands in the market.


HaloBoard is in making an electric skateboard and drones. Get never before discount up to 50% all top-selling skateboards and also get free shipping on all products. The products ordered before 7 PM are shipped out the same day. To savings, go and check out our discounted prices. Listed Halo Board Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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Was $997.00
Order Now – $497.00
Real Ketones Keto Energy ShotHalo Board 2
Was $1497.00
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Was $997.00
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Swagtron is the brand manufacturer of easy mobility products like electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards. Get a discount on all products up to 40% OFF, Also you can also avail Pay later with Affirm which helps to split the bill monthly. The product is delivered with free shipping and they give you 30 Day no-hassle return policy. Check the discounted prices below for this Swagtron Black Friday sale.

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Was $550.00
Order Now – $399.99
Was $160.00
Order Now – $129.99
Was $880.00
Order Now – $799.99

WowGo Board:

WowGo Board is Specialized in electric skateboards and they also offer Up to 180-day full protection warranty for all manufacturing defects. The ordered product is shipped within 24 hours. they also provide free shipping in more than 60 countries. The current shipping time from the shipped date to the USA in 9-13 days and Canada is 15-20 days. Go through the below wowgo board Black Friday deals.

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WowGo 2S
Was $419.99
Order Now – $349.99
WowGo KT
Was $419.99
Order Now – $349.99
WowGo Mini
Was $419.99
Order Now – $349.99


GoTrax has electric Scooters, Hoverboard, and Bikes. For this Black Friday get huge discounts from gotrax on all its best-selling products. Get more than 60% OFF and also the free shipping with 90 days limited warranty. Also, they have a 30-day return policy on all the products. Listed here are Go Trax Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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Was $249.99
Order Now – $199.99
Was $199.99
Order Now – $114.99
Was $179.99
Order Now – $99.99

Acton Global:

Acton Global’s skateboards are named as blink skateboards. As part of Black Friday sale, they are offering discounts up to 40% OFF on all it’s best selling products with free delivery. The product ships in 2-3 business days from the date of order. Acton Global Skateboard Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals and offers.

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Was $449.00
Order Now – $399.00
Was $749.00
Order Now – $599.00
Was $1699.00
Order Now – $1499.00


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