CBD Brands Distributing free Hand Sanitizers to Combat COVID-19

As the global impact of coronavirus infection intensifies, hand sanitizers are becoming the most sought after products. Meanwhile, CBD and various other companies have been contributing towards a massive distribution of hand sanitizers and other health-related products to greater heights by quick replenishment of the stocks.

CBD (Cannabidiol) has proved to be highly productive for a healthy and fit lifestyle while serving as a probable substitute to traditionally treated medications for a wide array of ailments.

free Hand Sanitizers

1. Develop hand hygiene as a habit and prevent germs from spreading with the CBDfx Hand Sanitizer to get a grip  on germs

This generally comes in a non-sterile solution and liquid gel-like structure that is used to degrade the infectious agents on the hands. It is an isopropyl alcohol antiseptic based type that is usually effective to get rid of the microorganisms that try to disrupt your health care settings. It consists of organic compounds and 62% of ethyl alcohol that helps to prevent the germs from staying longer.

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2. Track your infections and kill them by using the new Medterra Hand Sanitizer to stop diseases and germs from multiplying

The Medterra Hand sanitizer is a fragrance-free gel-based antiseptic infused with Aloe Vera extracts and 70% of alcohol, killing 99.9% of illness-causing germs. It is also helpful in maintaining the moisture and keeping the skin smooth and germ-free. These alcohol-based sanitizers are recommended only in the cases when the soap and water aren’t available.

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3. Avoid the contamination and bury your germs with 1 oz Hand Sanitizer to lead a healthy and hygienic routine

Every day we see people around us suffering from anxiety and pain of being caught by the infection, let’s take an oath to make handwashing a must to stop diseases and germs from spreading by maintaining a clean and safe environment. This chemical-free hand sanitizer is infused with 70% alcohol and phytocannabinoid plant extracts that help to pull out the infectious agents on the hands.

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4. Wash those germs right off your hands with the new CBD living Hand Sanitizer to promote a healthy living body

CBD living hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and simple to use sanitizers as they carry active anti agents including 62% of ethyl alcohol and 70% isopropanol that are highly effective in delivering moisture and inactivate viruses genetically. They are also infused with high-quality organic US-grown hemp that sterilizes your hands and keeps the skin smooth.

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5. Pump up your germ buster and break the germ cycle with CBD 4 thieves Hand Sanitizer to wipe them out of your wealth and fitness

4 thieves CBD sanitizer is typically infused with herbal ingredients and various essential oils that help to enhance your immune system with added germ-fighting properties. The active ingredients consist of Antibacterial agents and ethyl alcohol that can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

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6. Stick to a healthy routine by constantly keeping your hands and surrounding clean with the Organic CBD Hand Sanitizer spray

The new hand purifying, alcohol-free, organic hand sanitizer comes with various antioxidants rich in Vitamin e, anti-inflammatory properties and wondrously scented antimicrobial essential oils that are crafted together to gently fight off the germs and lock in all the powerful agents of the plant. These are highly effective in easing down several touches of flu and common cold symptoms and increase the ease of breathing.

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7. Reinvent your fit and smart lifestyle by decontaminating your hands with the new Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Mist by changing your habits for good

A powerful antiseptic hand sanitizer to fight off the germs and eliminate bacteria comes in a pack of 30ml each. The mist is combined with an exotic mix of essential oils that gives a quick-drying texture. The citrus spice aroma is mixed with organic aloe vera extracts that strengthen hydration and promote smoothening of skin.

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8. Lead a healthier lifestyle by ensuring your safety and cleanliness with the Premium CBD Hand Sanitizer to experience a highline wellness

Premium CBD Hand Sanitizer

Premium CBD hand sanitizer is an alcohol based sanitizer which consists of 70% Isopropyl alcohol, and Aloe Vera to keep your hands safe from the germs and thus making you feel clean and refreshed. The Alcohol base helps to prevent infection and spread of germs. However, while application, one should keep it out of reach of children and also consult a physician before the use.

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